Municipalities and state & local governments require the use of a licensed architect or engineer to design and prepare construction documents for most construction projects. Roof Design & Consulting Services Inc. is a full service architectural and consulting firm that can provide the following services on design and construction projects:

  • Prepare Plans and Specifications and other Contract Documents suitable for Bidding and Construction.
  • Conduct Product Evaluation, Comparative Cost Estimates, Recommendation of Materials, and Application Procedures.
  • Provide Pre-Construction Planning including Life-Cycle Costing, Building Code Interpretations, and Cost vs. Benefit Analysis
  • Conduct Bidding and Negotiation to Select Qualified Contractor, Provide Bidding Analysis and Contract Award Recommendations.
  • Provide Construction Administration Including Pre-Job Conferences, Project Scheduling, Quality Control Monitoring, Periodic Site Observations and Progress Reports, Review Contractor’s Applications for Payment, and Conduct Final Inspections.
  • As a Building Envelope Consultant, serve as a member of A/E Team, review the Plans and Specifications concerning building envelope systems, prepare details and specifications, and review submittals and substitution requests.
  • Conduct informational meetings with the A/E team and the Contractors in order to ensure application and conformance with applicable Standards and Requirements.